Why Outsource

RCM cycle can be a demanding and challenging task for small medical practices. For this reason, many physicians or practice managers make a choice to outsource their medical office billing to a professional medical billing company.

There are advantages to outsourcing medical billing. It saves time and money and eliminates the burden of concentrating on too many aspects of the medical office.

Why Outsource to RevExp: We at RevExp work in a way where you still have control of the work being performed.

  • Outsourcing allows physicians to focus more on patient care
  • Outsourcing reduces billing errors
  • Outsourcing saves money
  • Outsourcing improves cash flow
  • Outsourcing improves patient satisfaction
  • Outsourcing ensures billing compliance
  • Outsourcing increases revenue
  • Control over your process
  • HIPAA Adherence
  • No Hidden Costs
  • 24×7 Availability