• Working with RevExp has become one of the most beneficial and valuable relationships we have developed with any company. RevExp’s exceptional work ethic, practice of diligence and perseverance in the filing, processing and follow up of claims has made them an extremely valuable asset to our practice.  In addition, their knowledge and understanding of how to properly appeal denied or modified claims has resulted in an overall high success rate of payment for those claims that require follow-up.  We enjoy a very valuable relationship with RevExp and look forward to many more years of mutual success.

  • The use of your service makes it easy to monitor the claims submission, follow-up and accounts receivable in order to insure a steady cash flow. The detailed reports provided us, help to evaluate our capitation plans for profit. They enable us to red-flag the charts in an attempt to collect overdue accounts on the patients’ next visit”

    Office Manager-NY
  • “As this is our first experience with a billing service, it was nice to see that in the first year that you worked on our billing, you increased our gross profits. I believe that our increase will be even larger when this second year’s figures are finalized. Working with your office has been professional and helpful. Again, thank you for improving our accounts payable.”

    M.D. President -NJ
  • Thank-you for all your hard work, it has been greatly appreciated…it has been a pleasure meeting and working with you and your very qualified staff. We wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors.

    Business Manager-NY
  • Always available for assistance. RevExp has gone “over and above” assisting us.

    President of Practice
  • “Whenever I call, your staff has been nothing but pleasant and cheerful. They’re more than willing to check to see if a certain bunch of faxes has come thru, and never imply any attitude! You’ve got a good bunch working for you!”

    Special Projects Coordinator, Ambulance Service
  • “We have been extremely pleased with the huge increase in revenue collections since moving our billing to your agency.”